In one of the most beautiful areas of the Amalfi Coast, nestled between orchards and vineyards, stands the Hotel Due Torri. In addition to the splendid view of the Lattari Mountains and the superb cuisine, the double soul, modern and traditional at the same time. A mountain retreat with an avant-garde design, with all the comforts and a warm welcome. Each guest, from Italian families to foreign tourists, remembers with joy the feeling of having felt at home, as in a warm family. The Acampora brothers also offer their guests another added value: the Hotel Due Torri is the first hotel to have replaced the telephone with the Google voice assistant.
"We have installed the voice assistant in all rooms and eliminated the telephone." explain to the Due Torri hotel. “We have always cared about the satisfaction of our guests, who come to rediscover relaxation and the joy of living. Voice Concierge allows us to welcome them with the usual care and dedication even in times of Covid. It is a safe, hands-free but convenient and immediate tool. Its ease of use has prompted us to invest in voice assistants not only as a virtual concierge but also as the only communication channel between the rooms and the reception. Guests call us and communicate with the staff through the Google assistant in their room, without having to use the phone anymore. "


The switchboard 4.0

Voice assistants are an alternative to the telephone: with voice control you can make and receive calls. No surface to touch, no key to type. Just talk: a precious resource at a time when the whole world is on alert. First of all travelers, poised between the need to protect themselves and the desire to return to life.

It is essential to communicate to guests the perception of a safe stay. Voice technology reduces meeting opportunities and eliminates the use of paper. We wanted to offer an innovative tool especially to American customers, who are so fond of Italy and especially the Amalfi Coast. From them Alexa and Google are as indispensable as the mobile phone and are used in many areas. This solution, as well as being so fast and modern, is also cheaper. We have all the functionalities gathered in a single tool, this has reduced maintenance and cable installation costs. "

Giovanni Acampora- Hotel Ristorante 2 Torri